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You will agree to the fact that a wrong tyre can make you spend a lot of money and may affect the performance of your car. Thus, it's always advisable to invest in a good set of tyres.

Autoguard tyres have been known for performance, durability and quality. The brand hails from China and has been designed to perform exceptionally well even on the harshest road surfaces and extreme climate. Although the tyres are manufactured in China but they are designed and developed in Germany.

The company was established in the year 1970 and is owned by Bejing Tyre Company. Autoguard is known to manufacture summer tyres, winter and all-weather tyres. The most striking feature of this brand is that it manufactures tyres for variegated needs and all at an affordable price.

Performance of Autoguard tyres-

Autoguard is known to manufacture quality and performing tyres, it has been specifically designed to match the European tyre requirement and is certified to the Asian and European quality labels.

The company has taken due care to manufacturing quality tyres and hence they invest generously in developing their technology for tyre manufacturing, they have installed all the modern equipment of tyres manufacturing which has not only multiplied its efficiency to manufacture tyre but also produces quality tyres which offer great grip on the road.

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