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when it comes to the car’s performance then one of the key factor which influences it is the tyres of your car and hence, it is important that you invest in a good set of tyres.

Capitol Tyres are known for its excellent performance and durability. The company hails from Korea and is known for using some of the best technologies to manufacture tyres of the best quality.

The company is owned by Korean firm Nexen Tyre Corporation. Capitol is the budget tyre entry from Nexen. It is known to manufacture tyres for summers and all-season tyres.

Although Capitol s known to manufacture tyres for budgeted range but it targets the sporty look and this is quite visible from the design, durability and quality of Capitol Tyres.

The company stresses upon using some of best technologies to manufacture tyres and maximise its production. All the tyres manufactured under this brand have to be thoroughly quality checked and then be sold out in the market. The company invests a good amount of money in its manufacturing and technology division.

Capitol is known to supply tyres in most of the countries of the globe and has attained global recognition for its performance and quality

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