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Choosing the right set of tyres can be a cumbersome job especially if you are not well-acquainted with them or are not aware of the basic features you are looking for. A bad tyre can affect your driving, impact the fuel-efficiency of your vehicle and may require regular repair and maintenance, thus, it’s advisable to invest in good tyres.

Some brands are the emblem of excellence and Cultor Tyres are one such brand.

The company is known to manufacture great tyres which can run for long and ensure a safe drive. The brand hails from the Chez Republic and is manufactured by Mitas. The brand is known to manufacture tyres for agricultural and industrial purposes and thus, it has to ensure that all these tyres are of superior quality and sturdy.

Cultor tyres are manufactures in Europe where the company makes use of the some the best technologies of tyre manufacturing. In fact, it is one of the most advanced technologies for tyre manufacturing and by far it’s the best.

Cultor has recently rolled out its radial tyre version for agriculture and it includes the following:

  • RD-01
  • RD-02
  • RD-03

Apart from radial tyres it also manufactures cross-ply tyres which are used in tractors or for agricultural purposes. You can also buy Cultor tyres for the following:

  • Industrial
  • Skid-steer tyres
  • Earth mover
  • Multi-purpose tyres

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