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EU based, Belshina tyre manufacturing unit, established in the year 2007 has becomes one of the world’s largest tyre providers. They are exporting their high class tyres and are maintaining their business relations with more than 60 countries in whole world including North and South America, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, Europe etc. They have gained solid position in the tyre industry by offering tyres for almost all types of vehicles. Their market condition is clearly showing the hard work they are putting in to deliver the best to its users.

Belshina tyres are manufacturing tyres in more than 200 sizes for the following applications:

  • Light trucks
  • Cars
  • Buses
  • Electric motor vehicles
  • Tractors
  • Underground mining machines
  • Agricultural machines
  • Road building machines
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Heavy trucks and much more with good running results.

They have tyres available in various sizes ranging from 18 to 24 inches for heavy vehicles like these. Belshina has tyres specially designed for road building machines and industrial vehicles with higher levels of load index and unmatchable tread patterns. Belshina Tyres are the best agriculture tyres in the whole world. They are focusing on mass production of high quality delivering tyres that are coping up perfectly with international standards on pressure levels, diameter, width, bearing capacities etc. Their reliability and durability is helping them to gain more and more popularity and reputation among local and foreign customers. These tyres have become main part of the trucks and heavy vehicles that are used in mines or on construction sites as they can withstand heavy loads, dangerous weather conditions, rocky and mountainous terrains too.

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