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Continental Tyres

Continental was endowed in 1871 in Hanover, Germany and with a history spanning almost 150 years, the Continental name is itself becoming tyre brand synonymous due to its guaranteed aptness, efficiency and most importantly, safety. Continental has been used as OE in various racing events that make them more reliable for the customers to trust on, we are proud to be the supplier of Continental tyres family that is perfect for all challenging situations and climates.

Trade price tyres offer an extensive range of Continental family

  • Continental Extreme Contact tyres
  • ContiSportContact tyres
  • ContiForceContact performance tyres.
  • PureContact tyres
  • TrueContact tyres
  • ContiSeal tyres
  • ContiEcoContact™ 5 tyres
  • ProContact touring tyres
  • CrossContact tyres
  • Vanco light truck tyres
  • WinterContact tyres
  • CrossContact Winter Tyres newport etc. which are equipped as Original Equipment on various models and makes.

Being the brand synonym, Continental understands the roads of the world and the needs of a vehicle to drive on such roads and the most important how to appropriately and safely apply brakes on them to bring the car to a halt position. They have put all of their cravings for tyres and experience into the development of innovation to offer advance driving safety and performance to the riders. And with every single pair of tyre no matter winter tyres, summer tyres or all season, the continental tyres is setting an even higher standard for itself and also for other competitors in the tyre industry. Their high-performance tyres give insight on how to develop a safer driving involvement and are unstoppable on the road irrespective of terrains you drive on.

Before every new Continental innovation goes into production, they pass a series of tests using the latest advanced technologies to make sure that they are 100% safe in all kinds of weather conditions and on all road surfaces. We at Trade price tyres promise to give you only the original Continental Tyres Newport which is safest, most comfortable and reliable. As cars get more profound, we work more closely together for delivering a better driving experience to the clients

Safety is at the core of everything, that’s the only reason our customers trust us.

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