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Tyre Manufacturers - Hankook Tyres

Hankook tyre fabricating unit was gifted in 1941 and has nearly 70 years of self-propelled experience in the tyre industry. Hankook has become one of the firmest mounting tyre manufacturers in the world. Hankook has committed to producing a family of decent tyres that satisfy a comprehensive range of driving styles. Hankook tyres offer a boundless recital on the roads, along with perfect traction control and cornering even at high speeds and are hence fitted as original equipment on leading cars including

  • Mitsubishi
  • Porsche
  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Ford, Renault
  • Volkswagen, etc

With access to a superlative recital, these tyres offer sharp steering responses. These tyres are available at Trade price tyres in different varieties and sizes, and hence are rapidly rising in the market. Not only they are appropriate for passenger cars but will also work on 4x4, commercial vehicles, SUVs, vans, trucks, etc. There is no doubt in this that Hankook is investing heavily in investigation and researchers to deliver the tyres that are in best working conditions with 100% safety levels. We offer Hankook tyres newport and that too at a fraction of costs. Hankook seeks to bring patrons the greatest brilliance along with quality and driving satisfaction. Few of the unique Hankook tyre models that are widely demanded by our clients are:

  • HankookVentus s1 Evo
  • HankookVentus v12 Evo
  • Hankook winter I’cept
  • HankookIcebear
  • HankookDynapro
  • HankookOptimo k715
  • HankookOptimo Me04
  • HankookVentus Prime 3.
  • HankookKinergy eco and 4S
  • VentusS1 noble
  • HankookVentus v12 Evo and much more.

These tyres are manufactured using four channel grooves with larger boundary area which ensures excellent drainage. Hankook models like Ventus are produced using New Generation Silica Compounding Technologies which increases the fuel efficiency level and wet performance even at top speed or during sharp turns. Hankook has maintained its strong presence in 180 countries as one of the world’s fastest mounting tyre manufacturers for their combination of innovative, first-class and mega performance radial tyres. In case of any confusion regarding the choice of Hankook tyres, consult Trade price tyres on our respective numbers or email id else you can visit our physical outlet for further details.



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