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Wheel Balancing

In order to ensure a smooth ride, one needs to take care of all the parts of an automobile, be it engine, brakes, exhaustive system, clutches or tyres. But it is the tyre that needs the utmost attention as they always remain in constant touch with the road and thus are more prone to wearing out than any other part.

This wearing on a daily basis could lead to unevenness on the tyre surface and could deteriorate the structure as they were originally designed with. Thus, wheel balancing often known as tyre balancing is more about obtaining a right balance between the tyre and weight of the wheel. Or, to put it in simple words, the tyre imbalance occurs when one section of the tyre gets heavier than the other (due to the daily wear and tear procedure).


In the absence of a proper balance, the driver could feel a certain kind of vibration (while travelling at a particular speed, usually between 50 and 70 mph) which could even be fatal for the lives sitting inside the vehicle. Not only this, an imbalanced tyre could also lead to faster wearing of tyres and loss of resources.

It was often seen that in case if the front wheel of the vehicle got misbalanced and need attention, then the vibration could be felt through the steering wheel. On the other hand, in case if it is a rear tyre, then the vibration could be felt through the seat.

Thus, in order to ensure a smooth and safe ride along with a longer life expectancy of the tyre and other parts (lower ball joints, axles, etc.), one must ensure regular and timely check of wheel balancing in their vehicle.


In the balancing process, the technician at first will try to locate the heavier part of the tyre for which he will mount the tyre on a balancing machine which will spin the wheel to locate the position. Then after, he will attach a lead weight to the opposite side of the heavier side in order to balance the tyre.

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