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Tyres are the only part that gets in contact with the terrains. It is very vital to get your caravan ready with the perfect pairs of tyres before you set on to the journey or picnic. They will make your ride safe, comfortable, trouble free and will save your several hours on the road by avoiding any tyre failure. At trade price tyres, it is not at difficult to get your caravan’s tyres replaced. We have a vast assortment ranging from cheap to the branded caravan tyres Newport at our physical store. They are solely designed for caravans by giving aces to safety, cornering, braking and enhanced suspension,

Care for caravan tyres:

With their proper selection, care and maintenance you will reach your holiday destinations safely. It is necessary that you get decent caravan tyres with appropriate specifications, constructions and dimensions. It is illegal to mix both the caravan tyres and car tyres on the same axle. The reason is that caravan tyres are capable of handling double the load that a car tyre would handle. Caravan and car tyres have different speed ratings. These tyres should be properly inflated, and this should make sure before every trip because under inflated tyres will not be able to carry the load while over inflated tyres will lead reduce the life of tyres due to rapid wear out of the tyres. If the caravan is not in use for an extended period, it is advisable to cover the caravan to prevent the rubber of tyres from UV rays.

It is highly commended to always have a spare caravan tyre with you because roads are unpredictable. Our automotive technicians will help you in installing the right caravan tyres to your caravans to offer you a safe and smooth ride.