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Aoteli Tyres

Aoteli tyres are manufactured by China-based Shentai Group Company and have gained so much popularity in the tyre industry from last few years. They are known for their quality of tyres that are manufactured using strict European standards and have gained a good hold over the European tyre market. Not only European but these tyres are made using high-tech Japanese, German and Dutch technologies and equipment to deliver the best of the performance. We have an unmatched collection of Aoteli tyres available in different sizes for all your cars and models. Aoteli exports nearly 4 million tyres per year in various parts of the world which in a way shows their demand in the society. Just have a look on few of them.

  • Aoteli P607 - This all season Aotelli model offers high levels of comfort, handling, and stability and therefore enhances your driving experience with no vibrations or noises during driving.
  • AoteliEcosaver - These tyres provide excellent steering and maximum control for all types of roads with fewer noise levels. You can travel thousands of miles with these pairs irrespective of the season.
  • AoteliEcolander -They offer fantastic performance at reasonable prices along with maximum levels of safety. These tyres possess fewer risks of skidding.
  • AotelliEffivan -Summer tyres with superior grip help you to drive confidently and safely. They produce a minimum level of braking distance resulting in cost savings
There are numerous models Of Aotelli available at our physical outlet. You can get the best Aotelli for your vehicles from us. For further queries, feel free to visit us or you may write us at our email address or can call us on our given numbers.