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Aptany is the new leading tyre manufacturer in the tyre industry uprooted from South China Tire And Rubber Company. Its main fully automatic production and manufacturing unit are in Conghua district of China yet they are selling their tyres all over the world. These tyres are made very sophistically using imported raw material with accurate quality testing with an international vision that meets American as well as European standards. Aptany tyres are Green tyres with a lower level of fuel consumption and lower noise levels.

  • Aptany tyres have specially formulated compound that offers quietness, durability, stability, safety and comfort to the drivers.
  • Their main feature is their tread pattern which is asymmetrical and hence gives internal as well as external benefits to the tyres and increases the life of the tyres.
  • They have semi-closed shoulder blocks offering noise-free driving with improved braking system. These shoulders help to reduce the unusual tread wears caused due to braking. These blocks absorb the vibrations or sounds resulting from the road and hence makes the tyres rigid and easy to handle.
  • These tyres have four full groove on their circumference that reduces demolishes the risk of aquaplaning by vacating water.
  • Contour sidewall designing gives pleasure and makes the vehicle balanced and stable.

Their models are increasing every year and here we have all Aptany makes like the RU101 which is suitable for light trucks, commercial vehicles and SUVs as it offers lower roller resisting which in turns make them fuel efficient.

The RP203 from Aptany is an all season tyre with four grooves on its tread that gives the drivers a peace of mind even in the bad driving weathers. Their special compound offers great comfort and performance.

Except these above two mentioned tyres, Aptany is available in many other energy saving models with higher standards of elegance, comfort and secureness.



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