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Deestone Tyres

Deestone is a go-getting tyre manufacturer from Thailand. It was established in 1978 as a small unit but now operates five modern manufacturing units under it and is serving the society with superior quality tyres. Intense investment in its manufacturing and development amenities has allowed Deestone to enlarge into the radial passenger car and light commercial vehicle tyre sector.

At Trade price tyres, we have stocked Wintertyres, Summer tyres and All season tyres like:

Passenger tyres

  • Carreras R702
  • Nakara R201
  • Nakara R202
  • Nakara R301
  • Vincente R302 etc.

4WD / SUV tyres

  • Mud Clawer R405
  • Payak 007 R601
  • Payak R402
  • Payak R404 etc.

Truck tyres

  • D102 Hiway
  • D103 (DTS)
  • D503 Traction etc.

Industrial tyres

  • D302 etc.

Forklift tyres

  • D301
  • D307 Solid etc.

Earthmover tyres

  • D304
  • D308
  • D310
  • D313
  • D314 etc.

Agricultural tyres

  • D302
  • D304
  • D308
  • D314
  • D401
  • D402
  • D408 etc.

Tyres like Avon ACR3 have been intended to extend tread life and provide superior performance levels. The carcas construction of such tyres and their tread design work together and make these tyre ideal for any make and model to carry modestly large lots. CR228D is an ultra-high performance tyre suitable for swift saloons and cars. When it comes to fast vehicles, the Avon CR28 is a tyre that is designed solely for fitment on high-speed cars and boasts a true look ideal for classic vehicles. For classic performance vehicles, Trade price tyres also deal with CR6-ZZ Road-Race. CR85 and Ice Touring ST are the winter tyres that are capable enough to tackle harsh winter conditions, thanks to their excellent grip whilst cornering.