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Admiral Tyres

Admiral tyres are the most economical South Korean tyres made by Kumhotyres which offer high quality at lower prices. They are best suitable for all your car makes and models due to their less budgetary pressure. It will be indecorous to expect little performance due to their small price tags. They offer good overall performance and superior grip. All these make admiral an overall good brand to choose. These tyres are multipurpose enough to use as front or as a rear tyre. They offer maximum grip at the corners and are loaded with dual compound materials.

Admiral’s 769 is a boundless summer tyre that offers excellent adhesion control and stable braking system in dry as well as wet conditions. These are very durable tyres which make them a popular choice among the passionate drivers. We have an array of other admiral models too for your all types of vehicles.

No matter what Admiral model you buy, all are known for their DTC, i.e., double tread compound. Binary compound makes the vehicle flexible enough to smoothly ride on high accelerations with the durable rubber as a compound.

Admiral Models are admired for being perfect for dry pavements, mountainous areas etc.

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