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Kumho tyres are the “Better all-ways” tyres. They are the best Kumho

Kumho tyres are the “Better all-ways” tyres. Kumho Tyre is a high-performance tyre company that brings quality tyres along with innovative advancements for the consumers universally. With over 50 years of expertise, Kumho Tyre has moulded its humble commencement in South Korea into becoming the 9th largest tyre producer in the world. All Kumho models are dedicated to ensuring the safety and performance of tyres to our customers.

Trade price tyres are the renowned suppliers of the Kumho tyres, in the United Kingdom and have all the major Kumho models for all your makes such as Audi, BMW, Bentley, Porsche, etc. They are the absolute solution for your ripped pair of tyres. They are the best alternative to your damaged or punctured tyres to get your sedan back to the road reliably and expeditiously. Their excellence in quality is highlighted by the fact that many car makers prefer them as their original tyres. You are admittedly looking at the right place for the widest range of Kumho tyres. All the tyres are tested with the equipment’s that are distinctively devised for tyres only.

  • KumhoEcsta Supra
  • KH 7400
  • Radial 798 plus
  • Powergrip KC11
  • Solus KH21
  • Clugen Premium
  • Winter Kumho In
  • Kumho Road Venture MT and many more prestigious Kumho tyres we have assorted at our physical outlet.

All the tyres are in customary right conditions and meet all the guidelines as dictated by the authorities. These tyres are the first choice of the drivers who want safe and confident driving environment for them at reasonable price quotes. Our only motto is to make your purchase for all your makes as easy as possible. It’s not only about the tyres but also about your safety and budgetary issues. You can mail us your queries. Our team will address you with the quick and honest replies. Thank you for visiting our website.



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