MOT Check


The MOT is a very critical test that makes your vehicle legal on the UK roads. Without passing the MOT, you vehicle cannot become roadworthy and environment-friendly. The overall condition and age of the vehicle are taken into consideration by the authorities while conducting the MOT. As per the UK laws, it has become mandatory to pass the MOT parameter, before you take your car out on the roads. It has been observed that 40% of the vehicles tend to fail the MOT due to small issues. We conduct hundreds of MOTs, and hence our experts have deep knowledge and will inspect even the minor point or aspect of the vehicle to avoid any chance of failing the MOT, We will make sure the following things are solved perfectly.

  • Wiper checks will be made, and washer fluid will be inspected.
  • Proper working of horns
  • The condition of lights. Head lights, indicators, etc.
  • Age and Tread depth of the tyres
  • Pressure levels of the tyres.
  • Proper functioning of seat belts.
  • Battery
  • Electrical wiring ensuring no damage
  • Steering and suspension
  • Steering
  • Doors and mirrors
  • Exhaust system and mufflers
  • General outlook of the body of the car

We offer transparency in our services; we will let you know in detail about the defects or replacement that your vehicle will need so that you can know what’s happening with your vehicle. We guarantee that you won’t get the MOT done at prices better than ours. To get the MOT Newport done by our experts at best prices, feel free to call us at our numbers or visit our physical store. We will make sure that your vehicle meets all the security and environment criterions.