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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?

Tyre pressure is amount of the air inside the tyres of a vehicle. It is checked using special equipment solely designed for this purpose called pressure gauge. Usually, tyre pressures are measured in PSI i.e. pounds per square. People often forget to get the pressure check done unless something wrong happens with the tyre. For smooth and safe rides, it is vital to find the right tyre pressure for your vehicles. If you want to get, your tyres inflated optimally, just stop by our physical outlet. When the tyres are optimally inflated, you will surely feel confident while driving. We recommend to check the tyre pressure regularly and to get them check from authorised automotive shops. You can get them checked after every 30 days or when there is a change in the climatic temperature or whenever you will have your vehicle with its fuel. In warm months, you must get tyre pressure check regularly as tyres lose their air quickly in summers due to heat.


On the sidewalls of the tyres, you will find “Max press 32 PSI” etc. which means that maximum pressure required to handle the load is 32. It is always recommended to inflate your tyres when they are in cold condition that may be the morning time also. Usually, the maximum tyre pressure is 30-33 PSI. If you inflate the tyres with the maximum pressure, then it will change the handling and will decrease the life of tyres. This gives rise to the dangerous situation and could even result in sliding also. Same in the case with underinflated tyres, they reduce comfort and grip, provide less mileage and can also get damaged. It will certainly reduce the life of tyres.

At trade price tyres, we let the tyres have as much inflation as they required ensuring smooth riding. We neither over inflate them nor under inflate. We took this process out with specialised digital equipment. You can esteem us when it comes to your vehicles whether regular car, light trucks, vans, sports cars, 4x4, XUVs, etc.