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Achilles Tyres

Achilles tyres are manufactured in Indonesia but are sold the world widely since 1991 and are growing rapidly. These are low-cost tyres that offer good mileage and traction control for all types of passenger cars, light trucks, etc. because of their high performance, high quality, low costs, aggressive traction, great outlooks, stability, etc. They are the best options for the quality-minded clients to make a peaceful purchase. They have grooves which make the tyre capable of resisting hydroplaning. They contribute a sense of buoyancy, safety and optimism in the drivers.

Look below to check out few of the Achilles models.

  • Achilles ATR sports tyres: These are manufactured using technologies that are suitable for sporty handling, road grip, speed control, etc. The rigid centre rib is the highlight that makes the overall driving stable, and the directional tread patterns help them to conduit out the water from the tyres.
  • Achilles 122 tyres: These are all season tyres with plenty of performance but at nominal prices. Their extensive grooves help the tyres to grip firmly on the roads.
  • ATR- K economist: These tyres offer high performance, style, security and comfort. Hence, are perfect for everyday driving and can also handle extreme cold conditions very easily. Therefore, it an excellent three season tyres that can manage with rain, snow and dry conditions too. In addition to all these, economist tyres are fuel efficient tyres.
  • Winter 101 tyres: Low priced snow and ice tyres with excellent wet traction on roads. They have four grooves that allow the water to escape quickly on wet terrains. It does not let the vehicle to skid in any way, hence offering smooth braking and handling.
  • Platinum, platinum 7, Achilles desert hawk, Achilles LTR 80, etc. are few other well-known models of Achilles. For enactment you can trust at a low price, Achilles would be the best choice made.