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Buying tyres is a costly affair especially if you plan to invest in high-end brands, however, today we have a number of options that gives you the best of both world, ie the performance and quality of high-end brands and price for the budgeted range. Fortuna is one such tyre brand which is a renowned budget tyre brand. It is owned by Deldo. These tyres are developed in Asia and Europe and from here it is exported to around 38 countries of the world.

Fortuna is a new entrant in the tyre manufacturing sector.It was established in the year 2005 and manufactures tyres for summer, winter and all-weather.

If you are wondering why to invest in Fortuna tyres then you should know that Fortuna has all the necessary accreditations and certifications which are a guarantee that all these tyres are of the best quality and safe. Moreover, it keeps on updating its technology ensuring that all the tyres are of the best quality. This makes Fortuna tyres a good investment and best buy.

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