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Tyres are the most important part of your car, they are in continuous touch with the road surface and hence are more prone to wear and tear but if you find the right set of tyre for your vehicle, be rest assured that you will not have to face any problem with driving comfort and performance of your vehicle. In fact, some of the best tyres can even save fuel and increase the performance of your car.

Austone tyres is an Australian brand which came into existence in 1999. The brand name signifies Australia Number One and hence called as Austone. Although the company soared the heights of success in Australia but in order to cater to the world market, it entered into a partnership with Cooper Tyre to expand its destruction worldwide.

Since then the company has expanded itself in 100 different nations of the world and has become one of the preferred choices for car tyres. However, the company is not merely restricted to producing passenger car tyres but it also manufactures the tyres for the following:

  • Light Trucks
  • 4x4\'s
  • Commercial vehicles
  • And buses.

If you are still wondering why you should choose Austone Tyres then there are a number of reasons for the same but here we have a few enlisted for you:

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  • In 2007 the company awarded gold and silver in the 10th International Show of Russian Rubber and Tire Industry.
  • They continue to manufacture tyres of high quality and high-performance tyres.
  • The company is known to manufacture high-quality tyres and that too at best price.



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