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Tyre Manufacturers - Michelin Tyres

Michelin tyres are one of the most well established and trusted tyre companies in the world. Michelin tyres are unsurpassed for all kind of journeys, roads and vehicles. No matter whether it’s a Bentley model, BMW, Audi, etc. these tyres will go smooth and end you up with safe and comfortable journeys.

Michelin, as well as Trade price tyres, both the names, are the rider’s trust and priority in the UK and other nearby areas. We are known for our commitment to best quality with no delicacy with branded names of the tyres. If we are stocking Michelin tyres newport, then they will be stocked with 0% discrepancies. We get our Michelin stock updated after every two months.

For Passenger Cars, Trade price tyres have

  • Latitude CrossM
  • Pilot Sport
  • Energy XM1+
  • Primacy LC
  • Latitude Tour HP etc.
  • For trucks and buses, Trade price tyres have

    • XDE2
    • XZY3
    • XDY3 etc.

    Trade price tyres have Summer tyres such as

    • Pilot Exalto PE2
    • Pilot Sport PS2
    • Pilot Sport 3
    • Pilot Super Sport ZP etc.

    All season tyres available at Trade price tyres have

    • Pilot Sport A/S Plus ZP
    • Pilot Sport A/S Plus N-Spec
    • Pilot Sport A/S 3 N-Spec
    • Pilot Sport A/S 3 (W- or Y-Speed Rated) etc.

    Trade price tyres have Touring tyres such as

    • Primacy 3
    • Primacy HP ZP
    • Pilot Primacy
    • Primacy 3 ZP etc.

    Trade price tyres have winter tyres such as

    • X-Ice Xi3
    • Pilot Alpin PA4
    • Pilot Alpin PA3 etc.
    • SUV tyres

    Latitude Alpin winter tyres

    • 4x4 Diamaris
    • Latitude Diamaris
    • Latitude Sport
    • Latitude Sport 3 etc.

    When it comes to the big plugs of Michelin, the first one would be outstandingly long tyre life following the low rolling resistance which contributes to fuel savings. Whether it is a consumer car, motorbike, sports car, SUV, trucks, 4X4, etc. these tyres will deliver hands down the list of benefits for the vehicles. Benefits like low noise reduction, high mileage, firm grip, fuel efficiency, safety, affordable prices, etc. are just visible to expect from Michelin. Michelin is not only delivering the special benefits but also gives a perfect look to your ride. They are designed with new technologies and will make your car look sexy. Michelin Latitude Cross and SIRAC street are one of the models of Michelin that are known to be best for having finished wet grip and are just beyond perfection on snowy terrains. Exceptional road grip while riding on any road upsurges confidence while driving. You will find no issue while applying brakes or while cornering at high acceleration. You will face no skidding of the tyres on snow or land with gravel or mud or under any other operating environments. You can talk to our experts if having any query or confusions. Our technicians have the depth knowledge of tyres and will guide you in a very friendly manner.



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