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Welcome to Trade Price Tyres Newport

Established in 2007 Trade Price Tyres is a respected tyres retailer in Newport. Trade Price Tyres Newport is a local family run business that not only sells new tyres but also sells part worn tyres at very affordable prices. Trade Price Tyres has established their business and now run successfully because of three mottos they have that are loyalty, Customer satisfaction and reliable professional service.

Trade Price Tyres not only sell tyres but provide tons of other services as well which include servicing, MOT, diagnostics, repairs, exhausts, engine maintenance, oil change, welding and brake & clutch services etc. We also provide tyre fitting services in Newport as well as tyre repairs.

We are known for being the largest tyre distributors domestically. We are dedicated to providing the best products at affordable prices as well as best services. Our professional team of dedicated mechanics and technicians make sure you receive a professional service in time.

24X7 Mobile Tyre Fitting
Mobile Van

You can purchase you tyres on and have the privilege of choosing a fitting centre. We are the official fitting centre in association with tradepricetyres. At Trade Price Tyres Newport we provide fitting services for tradepricetyres. We also do tons of other services as well. You can buy your tyres from tradepricetyres and if we are the closest centre to you than you can choose us as your fitting centre. We do 24/7 mobile fitting services as well, whenever or wherever you need it we will be there. In association with tradepricetyres, you can even pay for the fitting services by choosing fully fitted option when purchasing and all the costs will be included in the receipt, means you won't have to pay anything when you arrive at the fitting centre on the day of the appointment.

Top Brand Tyres

Top brands tyres, what does that means? Top brand tyres are tyres basically manufactured by premium brands like Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, Pirelli, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Hankook, Kumho, Vredestein etc. Premium brands have better build quality and they manufacture tyre with better materials using the top equipment. Premium brands put a lot of money in innovation and bringing new ideas and developing new technologies into tyres for better performance. There might not be much visible to see what goes in the tyre technology wise but there is definitely much more to it than just a black rubber tyre. There are patented tread patterns and rubber compounds that only premium brands hold. These tyres are constantly under development. Pretty much all the premium tyre brands are used as equipment in the racing world so whatever they learn where they apply to their consumer products. So that's the difference between top brand premium tyres and budget tyre brands.

Why are they expensive?

As told before top brand tyres are all premium brands. These are brands that win awards for their performance. These brands have numerous patents for technologies other brands would want to get a hold of desperately. These brands are original equipment tyres for luxury car brands. But why do these brands have so much. These brands are constantly developing their products in pursuit of perfection. Most of these top brand tyres have been around for a long-long time that makes them more experienced craftsmen. And learning from their racing history, racing is something that pushes tyres to their limits and you can only find problems by pushing whatever you have to the limits. In racing these manufacturers faced problems like over heat, faster wear, low resistance to punctures and blow outs, less grip on wet pavements etc. with these problems they came up with new ideas and revolutionary technologies in regular tyres like water dispersive tread designs for better traction on rainy days. New tread designs that produced less rolling resistance yet shorter braking distance. Low rolling noise for more comfort. And other technologies that made it possible to manufacture all-season tyres, all-terrain tyres, run-flat tyres, reinforced tyres.

Part Worn Tyres Newport

At Trade Price tyres we also do Part worn tyres. Part worn tyres can be a cheap alternative in many cases although we do not recommend part worn tyres on new cars or for a longer run. We have part worn tyres with at least 6 to 7 mm of tread left on them which is basically close to new ones and we also have tyres from premium brands. They don't cost much but as expected premium brand quality carries on in part worn tyres as well. We have part worn tyres from premium brands like Michelin, Continental, Goodyear, Pirelli, Yokohama, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Hankook, Vredestein, Kumho etc. These tyres are all top quality tyres. They are available in very good condition under very cheap price tags so make the most out of them.

Why should you buy part worn tyres?
  • Part worn tyres are cheaper than a new tyre.
  • You can buy premium brand tyres at budget brands prices.
  • Many part worn tyres have 6 to 8 mm of tread left on them.
  • Best replacement for shorter runs.

For further information or any queries please give us a call or consult with tradepricetyres.

Discount Tyres Newport

We do discount tyres newport on full sets and bulk orders in new and part worn tyres. We also do our best to keep up the discounts and offers. Even if you want to buy a pair we will do our best to give you a discount. Although we have amazing deals online, we recommend if you don't want to buy a full set then you should come to our shop and we can make a discount on a pair or maybe even on a single tyre. If you are a regular customer, we would give you a discount no matter what. We make sure we make a bond with our customers that signify trust and loyalty. Our make sure we do deals that no one else does. All our part worn tyres are checked thoroughly before putting on sale but we do recommend you reaching us and checking these tyres yourself because we don't know what are you expectations for part worn tyres. Although our part worn tyres are very good, our tyres have at least 6 to 8 mm of tread left on them which is close to a new tyre. So make the most of our services and save yourself some money.