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In 1990, Firestone was founded in Akron, Ohio and was named after its founder, Harvey Firestone. All the cars that are equipped with Firestone tyres have out shown exemplary recital on roads. Today, Firestone tyres are manufactured in North and South America, as well as in the significant portion of Asian and European countries. This has made Firestone family one of the UK’s best-known tyre brands. Today, Firestone is used as Original Equipment on many exotic and luxurious queen cars. They are leading tyre industry due to their racetrack legacies. Firestone has hosted many new expansions in the tyre industry by manufacturing superior quality tyres that have an exact goal and result.

Why Firestone?

  • Delivers All-season performance
  • Long-lasting comfort
  • Flawless wet and dry traction control.
  • Works as hard but easy to drive.
  • Fuel effectual.
  • Can resist wearing even when in contact with harsh road surfaces and grounds
  • Can confirm weighty loads.
  • Offers Self-assured braking and driving environment and much more.

Trade price tyres offer Firestone Firehawk performance tyres, Precision Touring tyres, FR passenger tyres, Destination tyres, Transforce light truck tyres, Winterforce winter tyres along with many other tyres from the Firestone family. Have a look on few!

  • CV3000 has a tread pattern that provides larger handling and stability, along with excellent wet and dry traction and control.
  • Firestone Destination HP is a 4x4 tyre that is intended to deliver you with a consistent and reliable performance in all challenging weather conditions.
  • F580 Firestone model is developed for use on new cars and light trucks. It offers a versatile blend of ride eminence, noise comfort, perfect handling and traction, even in light snow.
  • Firehawk F700 renders outstanding grip during braking, steering and hurrying, regardless of wet or dry conditions.

Not only, we have stocked these tyres only for cars but also have different Firestone models in various sizes for crossovers; XUVs, 4x4, sport utility vehicles and light trucks, vans, etc. If you are searching for Firestone family of tyres, look no further than Trade price tyres. We have only genuine Firestone tyres that possess high quality and performances along with enhanced safety features. All the tyres supplied by us have addressed important features including, fuel efficacy, wet performance and dry recital, wear life, comfort, noise reduction and much more.



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