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Are you looking for Brake Pads for your vehicle?


If you are concerned about the condition of your car’s brake pads, come to our workshop Trade Price Tyres.

Our clients highly trust us for all vehicle brake related services. Our workshop has industry best professionals who will efficiently inspect your car's brake system, including the brake pads and replace them with genuine OE-grade spares if necessary.

Furthermore, we stock various types of brake pads Newport and offer hassle-free replacements without much turn-around time.

Are you concerned about the replacement cost?

Worry no more!

We offer you a convenient interest-free credit financing option. You can avail of our service and pay the cost and service charges in easy interest-free monthly instalments.

How long do brake pads last?

Ideally, brake pads last anywhere between 30,000 to 35,000 miles. However, this may vary with the make and model of your vehicle and due to several other factors like:

  • The road you frequently drive on
  • The amount of weight your car regularly carries
  • How many miles do you cover
  • Driving/braking habits etc.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, it is crucial to opt for a routine check of your car’s brake pads Newport from professionals like us.

Symptoms of faulty brake pads

Here are some warning signs that your car will show if its brake pads are worn out severely-

  • The brake light is illuminated on the dashboard
  • Loud screeching noise while you apply the brake
  • Your vehicle pulls to one side during braking
  • Odd vibrations of the brake pads

If you notice any of these symptoms, come to us without searching any further for “brake pads near me”.

We will thoroughly check your car’s brake pads and offer cost-effective replacements.

Furthermore, we stock various types of brake pads to cater to a greater customer base. Some example includes:

  • Organic brake pads
  • Low metallic pads
  • Semi-metallic or sintered pads
  • Ceramic pads

Do you have any further queries?

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