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Cars are as close to a person as their family. They are a luxury that people buy and care for with love. These mechanical wonders are an assembly of small parts that work together to give you the abilities of mobility and other functions of the car. But just like you have to take care of your body to ensure that it works properly, your car needs care as well. And we, at Trade Price Tyres, are some of the best people you can visit to take care of your car for you in Newport.

Experts In Newport

We, at Trade Price Tyres, have some of the most skilful technicians, who have earned a name for themselves by delivering quality services. They have helped us gain the trust of our customers and ensure that no one who drives in with an issue has to leave with too. We know how much your car matters to you and we remember to handle it with utmost care. Our technicians have dedicated hours, daily, to enhance their skills and learn new ones as well. This helps them not only improve their abilities but also learn new things and be experts at that as well. We make sure that we provide them with the best training possible to not limit their growth and improve our work quality even more.

Value-For-Money Services

If you live in Ponthir, Trade Price Tyres is your one-stop solution for all car-related issues. We provide several services that are necessary for car diagnostics and repairs. From wheel alignment and balancing and vehicle servicing to diagnosing, replacing and repairing of brakes and exhausts, we have proficient technicians of all these fields. They can efficiently carry out these diagnostics and repairs on your car and enhance it to perform better than before.

Tyres – Better than the Rest

We are known for having the best collection of tyres ponthir and the genuine prices we sell them at. We ensure to provide our customers with nothing but the best quality products, and tyres are something we take extra care about. Bridgestone, Pirelli, Continental, and Avon are the brightest diamonds in our collection. We have a wide range of the latest designs manufactured by these tyre-giants and offer them at prices better than most of the garages in Newport and its neighbouring areas. Tyres are something that faces resistance whenever you drive and should be taken extra care of. Our garage is a 5 ½ mile drive from Ponthir, and we’re sure you can give your tyres enough care to get a replacement for them from the best place possible.

Latest Technology for Efficient Results

Trade Price Tyres takes pride in the machines it uses to deliver quality services to its customers. We have the best in class pieces of equipment to assist our experts and ease the workload for them, which would help them to deliver efficiently. This perfect blend of wonderful technology and experts helps us satisfy our customer and work up to his expectations. A 5 ½ mile drive and you can get your car the care it so deserves.