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Shandong (China) based BOTO Tyre Company is a tyre manufacturing unit in established in the year 2004. They follow up the American technology in manufacturing of the tyres. Boto tyres are in high demand for TBR, OTR and PCR tyres. They are producing and exporting millions of tyres annually to different parts of the world and is hence providing the tyres in different sizes and patterns for all trucks, buses, light trucks, passenger cars, etc. In few years only, the company has made workable development in the tyre sector and is ranked nationwide at the top in China for their economic benefits and production scale. Boto tyres are awarded as “Shandong Provincial Famous Brand” and “Export Famous Brand” due to their superior quality and performance.

They use first class tyre technology and equipment in their production line and have acquired foreign certificates and audits like DOT, REACH, CCC, GCC, SONCAP,etc.

A list of few Boto tyre models is given below:-

For Passenger Cars:

GENESYS 218 and WP15 and GENESYS 228 and WP16- Good gripping, long life, perfect braking system and fuel efficiency are the main highlights of this model and make it suitable for all your passenger cars with low noise levels.

For SUV:
  • SASQUA H/T & WV11- With proper water drainage capacities with superior braking system gives the drivers a high-speed driving experience.
  • X-TERRAIN BA80 & WA80- With excellent anti-tear resistance, long mileage and long service life, this is the best Boto model for your SUVs.
Winter tyres:
  • BS 66 and IS 66
Radial truck tyres:
  • BT118 and BT168 tyres: Suitable for various roads from highways to mining roads etc.
  • GCA1 and GCA2: Used in loaders, graders and dumpers.

There are many other models of Boto with different sizes available with us. Boto is the best ever choice you will make that will make you and your wallet happy.

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