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Three Tyres manufacturing units Bata, Rubena and Mitas merged into one company, and their initial letters were put together to create the brand name “Barum”. Later on, the German tyre manufacturer Continental signs a joined venture with Barum, and hence, now Barum operates under the name Barum Continental. Barum is one of the most prosperous tyre manufacturers in te world. Their tyres are sold throughout the world. They manufacture the tyres in the modern factories of Europe using high-tech manufacturing technologies and have gained a firm position in the tyre industry. Barum works under the Umbrella of the renowned Continental group and has now become one of the successful manufacturers.


Barum tyres hold an excellent traction control due to their angled grooves on wet as well as dry terrains due to their Asymmetrical tread pattern. They offer unmatched grip and security.


Known for their durability, silica compound is used on tyres, which make them unique along with the two steel belts that make the tyres more resistant towards any damage.

Braking response:

Barum tyres ensure safety with reduced braking distances on wet and dry surfaces, and therefore you can comfortably drive on all kind of roads.

Steering responsiveness and handling:

you will find the special lugs on the outer side of the Barum tyres with unique tread patterns, which improves the handling of the vehicle. Their ribs are responsible for giving proper steering control and responsiveness.

Wet performance:

Wet performance is incredible. They reduce the risk of aquaplaning on wet roads and will not let the vehicle skid in any way. This builds the confidence of drivers even when driving in rainy season on wet roads.

Reduced noise levels:

Offers enhanced driving experiences due to the lower level of sounds.

All in all, these tyres are multipurpose and robust and offer high mileage driving features. We have all the models of Barum Continental at our physical store. You can surely make a smart move with the purchase of these high performances, durable and affordable tyres.



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