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Tyre Manufacturers - Briway Tyres

There hundreds of tyre company in the world and new ones keep on getting added to this number. One such new entrant in this league is Briway tyres.

The company was established with a motive t manufacture quality and performing tyres. It was recently in the year 2004 when Briway’s foundation stone was laid and Briway Tyre Corporation came into existence. With a decade old strong history, the company now manufactures 12 million tyres every year.

The company has diversified its production and manufactures the following types of tyres:

  • OTR
  • Truck and bus radial and bias tyres
  • Passenger car radial tyre
  • Light truck radial tyre
  • Mobile home tyre
  • Industrial tyre
  • ATV tyre
  • Motorcycle tyre
  • ST-series tyre
  • TPU antiskid chain
  • Tyre mould making etc.

The company makes use of some of the best technologies to manufacture its tyres and in order to make sure that all the tyres manufactured by this brand follow strict quality control process. All the parts required to manufacture tyres like natural rubber, steel cord, production equipment etc. from some of leading suppliers across the globe.

Briway is known to manufacture quality tyres at an affordable rate. The company now sells tyres across the globe and owing to its quality it is known to make some of the best tyres.

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