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A good set of tyres can completely change your driving experience and thus, it’s always advisable to have quality tyres fitted in your car. When we talk about quality, you should take into consideration the fact that the tyres should be free from regular wear and tear and is able to offer great grip on the road.

Comforter tyres are manufactured by Shandong New Continent Tyre Ltd. The manufacturing unit is located in Yishui China. The company has proficiency in production and management of tyres. The company has an annual production capacity of apron 6 million sets of passenger car tyres and 3 million sets of truck tyres.

The company also has all the necessary certification and accreditation which makes all the tyres manufactured by this brand of superior quality,Comforser has US DOT certification, CCC Compulsory Products Certification, Gulf countries GCC/GSO certification and European ECE certification.

In order to keep pace with the global demand for tyres and to manufacture superior quality products, Comforser makes use of advanced tyre manufacturing technology. It also invests in new technologies which can enhance its production capacity and also improve the quality of tyres.

As far as its global approach is concerned the companies sells tyres to North America, Europe, South East Asia, Middle East, South America, Africa etc.

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