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Tyre industry is the most dynamic industry and there are many players who are continuously fighting a battle to become a prominent player in this field. There are many factors which make a good tyres company, the likes of which includes, tread design, chemical composition, quality of material, and technology which is used to manufacture these tyres. Well, many brands reflect a combination of these and one such brand which has become a renowned name is Federal tyres.

The tyres have gained popularity across the globe but hold a special position in nations like the United States, Japan and Australia, here they are especially known for their sports tyres and products designed for racing and motorsports.

The brand Federal is synonymous with reliability, quality and comfort while driving, they are also known for their reasonable pricing. In order to meet the quality standards, the company has employed some of the best tyre manufacturing technologies. Apart from this it also regularly invests in its Research and Development Division to improve their current technology. The company also plans to expand its tyre products to meet the growing demand as well as to increase their market share.

When it comes to the diversification of products then Federal is known to manufacture various types of tyres, the likes of which includes the following:

  • Passenger car tyres
  • Touring car tyres
  • Super cars UHP tyres
  • SUV
  • And PCR

The company also supports sports and its sponsorship agreement with Manchester Unites in the year 2013 reflects the same. Apart from this, it has also sponsored many other sporting events in the UK.

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